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2016     Notice of Race
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Event Manager
British Keelboat League 17/18 Jul  J/70 NoR           SI  A1  A2     R     R  I       Angus Prentice
Gertrude Cup 30 Jul & 3 Aug Etchell NoR  A1           SI  A1     R     R  I       David Franks
Sigada Cup 9 Oct J/80 NoR           SI                   Sarah Forbes-Campbell
Masters Team Racing Cup 25 Sep J/80 NoR           SI                   Gregor Logan
Younger Members Day 24 Sep & 29 Oct J/70       E                         Jamie Foot
RTYC Interclub Racing 25 Sep J/70                                  
RTYC and RYS 1/2 Oct J/70 NoR           SI           R I       Murray Chapples
RTYC Invitational Cup 22 Oct J/80 NoR           SI                   Henry Arnold
Fleet Racing 6 Nov J/80 NoR     E                         Angus Prentice
Prizewinners' Dinner 8 Nov 60K       E                         Richard Ambler
Mum's Bucket 12 Nov J/80 NoR     E     SI                   Murray Chapples

UK National Sailing Final
Younger Members J/70 Weekend
J/70 Southern Area Championships
The Academy at The Wilson Trophy
Mum's Bucket Final
Belvidere Cup
Academy at UKTRA
President's Cup
Mum's Bucket Round 2
RYA Match Racing Qualifier
Carmela Cup
Mum's Bucket Round 1

Cornerstone Cup
New York Yacht Club Invitational Cup
Gala Galera 2K
J/70 Nationals
Morgan Cup
Cowes Week
Gertrude Cup
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
RYS Bicentenary Team Racing
Saida Cup
Round the Island Race
Younger Members' J/70 Weekend
Anzio 2K
Wednesday Evening J/80s
J/70 Training Weekend
J/70 Open Day
Mum's Bucket Final
President's Cup
Carmela Cup


Mum's Bucket Round 1 Qualifier
BA Cup
Lee Trophy
Bart's Bash
Tuscany 2K
Star Regatta
Cowes Week
International Etchells Invitational
Day 1

Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Overall Results
RTYC, RYS, Santander Team Racing
Bermuda Invitational IOD
Younger Members' InterClub Fleet Racing
Mum's Bucket Finals
Gstaad YC Ski Yachting Regatta 2014
Carmela Cup 2014



Mum's Bucket Round 1 Qualifier
European 2K 2013:
New York Invitational 2013
Cowes Week
Farr 45 Staples Trophy