The Royal Thames is home to some world class umpires who receive invitations to officiate at match and team racing both in this country and throughout the world.  They provide a strong support to the Club’s very successful team and match racing sailors.

Our current umpires range from beginners to some who have international qualifications.  Anyone who is interested in joining them should contact the sailing office and will not only be made very welcome but will also be shown the ropes.  All that is needed is a willingness to work hard on the water and a reasonable knowledge of the rules.

Members who work as umpires at the moment are: listed below in alphabetical order. Their qualifications rank from international umpire to those who are just starting to learn the technique.

Josh Adams
Jamie Clark
Jack Edwards
George Ehlers
Michael Gardner
Bruce Hebbert
Sam Jenkins
Peter Jennings
Bernard Kinchin
David Lees (honorary chief umpire)
Brian Smith