Memoirs of Sir Ronald McIntosh


Royal Thames Member Sir Ronnie McIntosh has recently published his memoirs titled ‘Turbulent Times’.  Ronnie served in the Merchant Navy during WWII and subsequently became a career civil servant.  It was the task of Ronnie’s generation of officials to help set the country on a virtuous circle of prosperity and social justice.  Ronnie found himself at various stages near or close to the epicentres of power culminating in his leadership as Director General of the National Economic Development Office (Neddy) in the 1970s. He was intimately concerned with the industrial disputes and inflationary pressures that brought the British economy to the verge of collapse, and his memoirs give a compelling account of those days. Ronnie was born in 1919 and his working life continued until he was almost eighty. His career in public service, and later in the City of London and in post-Communist Russia, spanned a turbulent period of twentieth-century history that has few parallels in the past. Containing engrossing portraits of some of the most significant figures of the era, the memoirs of Ronnie McIntosh are an invaluable addition to our understanding of the events that shaped the world in which we now live.
Ronnie has kindly donated a copy of his memoirs to the Club which is held in the Secretary’s office for members who may wish to borrow it. Copies are also widely available for purchase through normal channels.