Royal Thames St George's Day Golf Event Report


Wednesday April 23rd dawned fresh and fair, but few of the Thames members assembling at the Berkshire Golf Club were evincing either of these qualities; to start playing golf at 0915 in the southeast of England necessitates an early start and the negotiation of a great deal of congestion. However, miraculously all 20 contestants arrived on time and the five groups of four were all on their way round the course exactly on schedule.
Four hours later, all but the stragglers were back in the clubhouse, showered and rosy of cheek, grasping glasses and already exaggerating the dexterity of the drive on the sixth, or the subtlety of the chip on the 15th, and looking forward to the carvery lunch and the fine array of puddings – permissable now after all that exercise – to follow. They were joined by the founder of the Event, Andrew Maconie, whose talents were missing from this year's contest due to a fractured wrist sustained during skiing (or, more probably, apr├Ęs ski).
The results were announced as the coffee was poured. A fine display by the Jennings brothers, whose handicaps are currently undergoing considerable scrutiny, led to their Group 4 carrying off the imaginary trophy for the second year but, as Ted Fort OBE pointed out in his speech in which he gallantly toasted "The Ladies" (Maggie Kay and Libby Lees), it is not about the winning – which is just as well for any team fielding the unusual golfing talents of Andrew Collins TD.

The St George's Day Golf event has already become a Club tradition and players will be clamouring to play in 2015. Contact Richard Bundy on to enter.