Royal London Yacht Club Launch Procedures 2014


Please click here to view the revised Launch procedures for 2014.

Please note the arrangements with respect to use of ‘Sally Taxis’ at weekends when the launch is not operational have been amended as noted below. Members must show their membership card to benefit from free travel on Sally Taxis. This concession does not apply to members' guests.

Members may use Sally Taxi for travel directly between a mooring or upriver pontoon and the Trinity Landing (landings may be made at Town Quay if Trinity landing is not in position), upon production of their Club membership card, on Fridays and at weekends outside the above hours during the following times:-

Fridays 1700 – 2300
Saturdays & Bank Holiday Sundays 0800 – 0000
Any other Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays 0800 – 1900