RTYC Trophy Sails Home After 175 Years


Club Secretary, Captain David Freeman, is shown with Lawrences’ Managing Director Helen Carless and the trophy.

A magnificent yachting trophy has been sold back to the Club by Lawrences Auctioneers in Crewkerne after a period of over 175 years. The 37cm (14.5in) trophy cup and cover is elaborately decorated with fruiting vines and a figure upon the cover holds a horn and a paddle as he emerges from the waves. It was awarded to the owner of `The Widgeon` on April 12th 1837 and the engraved legend states that it was “the first Cup in the Royal Thames Yacht Club”.

The inscription probably relates to the first prize (rather than the first actual award) but it had been won after a race from Greenwich to the Nore Light and back (a distance of over 80 statute miles). Mr T. E. Snook took the honours and was given the prize but it passed down through the family of a fellow crewman on the `Widgeon` before resurfacing at auction in October.