Mum’s Bucket won by Olly Dix, Amelia Boadle and Charlie Lowe


PRO Alexis Dogilewski had to postpone racing until midday for the wind to fill in but when it came it eventually settled into a comfortable 12 knots on a warm and sunny day.  His support team of Doug Harkham and Jo Lucas were kept busy by back to back starts with two flights on the course at any one time.
Racing was extremely competitive and intense with very few of the races being decided until the last leg of the course.  The umpires were led by David Lees and supported by the Vice Commodore, Michael Gardner, Brian Smith and George Ehlers.
A total of 18 races were completed and the results were extremely close with no less than 5 teams tying for second place.  Olly Dix emerged victorious with 7 wins compared to 5 teams winning 5 races apiece.
This  member only  event always proves popular because it mixes the age groups and the experienced and less experienced.  It provides an excellent learning curve for those less used to two boat team racing because they get to race with the most experienced and the “white sails” only means that the boats are sailed three up with no spinnaker which makes making up a crew much simpler.
Olly Dix  Winner  1st
Ben Clothier        2nd =
Bernard Kinchin
Richard Hill
Rob Gosling
Guy Lawrence
Dave Miller    
William Edwards