Cumberland Regatta 2014


Fair seas and sunny skies for the 2014 edition of the Cumberland Regatta

75 members took part in this year’s Cumberland Regatta. The Royal Yacht Squadron, once again, welcomed the Cumberland Fleet on to the Platform for Friday evening canap├ęs and champagne, with a stunning Solent sunset as a backdrop. This marked the beginning of a weekend of competitive racing and splendid dining.

Saturday morning kicked off to a flying start, with 12 boats successfully making their way to the start line in time for the 1055 warning signal. A steady 12kts from the SW in glorious sunshine, saw the fleet beating to the West, before navigating their way to the central Solent finish line. Kites were flown and calls of Starboard were hailed, showing that the cruising fleet are not only experts at finding quiet bays to moor in for a glass of rose, but they are also formidable racers, with strong competitive streaks .

The 8 mile course saw a number of boats jostling for first position. Whilst Nick Atkinson’s Firefly took line honours, it was Owain Franks’ Jynnan Tonnyx who took first on corrected time, with Bob Gatehouse in Erida coming in second position and Ian Greaves’ Scarab finishing third.

The fleet descended on Osborne Bay for a spot of lunch. The night before Lourdes Taunton-Collins had requested a lunch stop long enough for her family to heat up their quiche in the oven on board Spirit Of Esk. Race Officer Richard Ambler took this request into account and made sure that there was ample time for snoozing and lunching.

Race 2 began at 1505, with 11 boats competing, and the Tracey’s on board Synergy bravely offering their services as ‘official press boat’, which must have been particularly daunting for them on the start line which a couple of port tackers deciding to take on the rest of the fleet.
This proved to be a somewhat shorter race, with Spring tide flowing with the fleet, Firefly clocked up an impressive 14 kts on the final reach to the finish, and found herself not only racing against her fellow competitors, but also the committee boat, which struggled to get to the finish line off the Royal London buoy ahead of the competing yachts. Competitors reported seeing smoke pouring out of the committee boat as she raced at full throttle  to get there and drop anchor in time.
Firefly once again secured line honours, and this time took the title, with Jynnan Tonnyx in 2nd and Erida in 3rd.

Saturday night’s dinner was in the Squadron Pavilion, where tales from the eventful day were exchanged, along with a couple of special prizes. Geoffrey Taunton-Collins received a quiche and the award for the most elaborate lunch on board. Brian Lavers’ Mariposa won a prize for  his long standing support of the event (9 starts in 10 years) and perhaps the ‘Bravest Start’ for a port hand flyer. John Manzoni with his crew on board Matterhorn took best dressed crew, and Bob Gatehouse’s Erida won fastest small boat- as she valiantly stood her own against some of the larger members of the fleet, as her crew received face fulls of green water throughout the day.

Based on Saturday’s finish times, the start times for Sunday’s pursuit race were drawn up, and  all the boats started in the correct order.  After a 6.5 mile race around the central Solent and despite 38 minutes gap between the first start and the last most finished within 10 minutes of each other.

This time it was Spirit of Esk who came in first, closely followed by Scarab and then Jynnan Tonnyx. Synergy (the smallest boat in the fleet at 27 ft) beat Matterhorn (the largest boat in the fleet at 60 ft) by only 1 second, and  VC Michael Gardner’s Sea Eagle  finished in a dead heat with Adrian Walsh’s Aeolus.

Overall, the event was once again a huge success, many thanks to Race Officer Richard Ambler for running the racing on his birthday, and we hope that the Cumberland Fleet are looking forward to next year’s event.

Sarah Hornby
Cumberland Fleet Regatta

Date: 28/06/14   Race: 1 Queen Victoria Cup   Start Time:      1100
Yacht Name Finish Time Rating Corrected Time Position
Firefly 12:33:59 1.122 1:45:28 4
Jynnan Tonnyx 12:36:47 0.989 1:35:42 1
Sea Eagle 12:48:30 1.093 1:58:36 8
Reservoir Dogs 12:48:56 1.033 1:52:31 7
Eclipse 12:51:11 0.963 1:47:34 5
Erida 12:54:18 0.854 1:37:40 2
Matterhorn 12:56:26 0.947 1:50:19 6
Scarab 12:58:05 0.857 1:41:25 3
Mariposa 13:11:40 1.041 2:17:04 11
Spirit of Esk 13:14:07 0.952 2:07:40 10
Aeolus 13:23:00 0.888 2:06:59 9
Synergy RTD 0.912 N/A 12
1st Jynnan Tonnyx
2nd Erida
3rd Scarab
4th Firefly
5th Eclipse
6th Matterhorn
7th Rservoir Dogs
8th Sea Eagle
9th Aeolus
10th Spirit of Esk
11th Mariposa
12th Synergy
Cumberland Fleet Regatta

Date: 28/06/14   Race: 2 RTYC Challenge Cup   Start Time:      1505
Yacht Name Finish Time Rating Corrected Time Position
Firefly 15:36:22 1.122 35:12 1
Jynnan Tonnyx 15:40:40 0.989 35:17 2
Sea Eagle 15:43:33 1.093 42:01 7
Reservoir Dogs 15:44:14 1.033 40:31 5
Matterhorn 15:46:34 0.947 39:18 4
Erida 15:49:13 0.854 37:45 3
Eclipse 15:50:20 0.963 43:39 9
Mariposa 15:50:47 1.041 47:39 10
Scarab 15:52:36 0.857 40:48 6
Aeolus 15:53:02 0.888 42:39 8
Spirit of Esk RTD 0.952 N/A 11
Synergy DNS 0.912 N/A 12
1st Firefly
2nd Jynnan Tonnyx
3rd Erida
4th Matterhorn
5th Reservoir Dogs
6th Scarab
7th Sea Eagle
8th Aeolus
9th Eclipse
10th Mariposa
11th Spirit of Esk
12th Synergy
Cumberland Fleet Regatta

Date: 29/06/14   Race: 3 Pursuit Race   Start Time:      1000
Yacht Name Finish Time Position
Spirit of Esk 11:34:00 1
Scarab 11:34:30 2
Jynnan Tonnyx 11:38:11 3
Synergy 11:38:50 4
Matterhorn 11:38:51 5
Erida 11:41:02 6
Aeolus 11:43:48 7
Sea Eagle 11:43:48 7
Reservoir Dogs 11:45:23 9
Eclipse 11:45:24 10
Mariposa 11:51:40 11