BA Cup: Report & Results


Day 1

The third match of the fourth series of the British American Cup kicked off on 23rd October, run by the Royal Thames Yacht Club at Queen Mary Sailing Club, the British and American teams met for their biennial tournament.
This four vs four team racing event sees the elite keel boat team racers from these two nations go head to head for the BA Cup, which dates back to 1921.
As ever, Queen Mary provided the perfect team racing conditions, 12-15kts of breeze and clear skies formed the perfect back drop to the event.
4 races were completed today, with the Americans, captained by Joel Hanneman, showing strength, determination and consistency throughout  the first 3 races, which meant that they won them. However, the British team, captained by Andy Cornah, made a come back in Race 4 and won with a 1,2,3,7 combination.
With two more days of racing, there is everything to play for. The title will go to the first team to reach 7 wins. This evening, the teams will enjoy a drinks party hosted by the American team in the RTYC Clubhouse.

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Day 2

Light airs tested the teams, as they experinced shifts and lulls throughout the two races of the day. The competition was close, with combinations changing at every mark rounding of the port hand square. Umpires awarded a number of penalties in both races. Race 5 was so close it came down to a photo finish. Both races of the day went to the Americans, who in race 6, started behind but by the second lap managed to regain control and seize 1st, 2nd and 3rd.

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Day 3

With light airs in the morning, building to a steady 10kts by midday, the sailors experienced first class sailing conditions.

3 more races were run today, with Race 7 going to GBR. Race 8 saw hot competition with GBR leading in the beginning, but USA taking 1st, 2nd and 3rd on lap 2, a combination which USA repeated in Race 9.

PRO Gill Smith stated: "As ever it was a delight and a privilege to run racing for sailors of this calibre on both team USA and GBR, the boat handling both in the BA Cup proper and the practice event was exceptional, thanks for the umpires and my team of Race Officers, and I congratulate team USA on their win."

Joel Hanneman, Captain of USA commented- "We got beat up pretty bad 4 years ago, it was pretty good motivation for us to prepare our team better and rethink our game and plan for J/80 sailing. Coming in we were anticipating a pretty big challenge and our goal was to sail as hard as we can and hope for a respectable finish. Luckily we were able to get up to speed in the boats and on the reservoir quickly, we were able to turn that into early wins, and hold on for a long 2 days until the victory. Looking forward to excessive champagne drinking... I hope that trophy’s full."

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Overall reults

Photographs are available to view here