Overseas Rallies

Date: See Calendar here

Venue:  non-UK waters

Format:  A relaxed cruise with a number of dinners and walks or visits to places of interest.  Members are invited to join as many or as few as they wish, either on a private yacht or a charter.
There is generally a dinner held at The Clubhouse a few weeks prior to the event to give members the opportunity to meet the rest of the fleet on home soil and discuss the upcoming trip.
Future events:

2018     Late May/Early June       Sardinia
2019    Late May/Early June        Majorca
2020    Late May/Early Jun          Aegean

Past events:
2017 Ionian
2017 Les Voiles
2016 Croatia
2015 Gallipolli
2014 Mediterranean
2013 Brittany

Variable dependent on destination.  In some areas  it’s not possible to book berthing for a group in advance so the rally fee may or may not include this.
Register interest:
020 7201 6266