Dress Code and Members' Discount

General Information

All visitors are asked to report to reception on arrival and sign the visitors' book. Proof of reciprocal membership may be requested. Any reciprocal members wishing to take advantage of the Club's accommodation should have a letter of introduction sent prior to each booking.

Dress Code

The General Committee have approved a change to the Bye-laws relating to the dress code at the clubhouse, 60 Knightsbridge on 25th July 2018. Please click here to view the changes int he Bye-laws.

The new Bye-law is as follows, and takes effect immediately:
H 1.4   The minimum dress code throughout the public areas of the Club is smart casual.  Gentlemen should wear collared shirts. T-shirts, dirty torn or distressed clothing, workman's jeans, sandals and sportswear are not acceptable. Members and guests are encouraged to dress with the style and elegance appropriate to a club of our excellence and standing. 
H 1.4a  After 1900 Monday to Thursday gentlemen are required to wear a jacket and tie on the Quarterdeck, in the Cumberland Bar, in the Coffee Room restaurant and in the other public rooms on the first floor.  Ladies should dress appropriately.
H 1.4b  Residents taking exercise outside the Club may wear sports attire when going from and to their cabins.
H1.4c  The Committee may further relax this Bye-Law in respect of a particular event taking place within the Clubhouse.
H1.4d  The Chief Executive is authorised to relax the dress code if the ambient temperature dictates this to be appropriate.
H1.4e  The Chief Executive, or any other person authorised by the Committee, may request any Member, guest or visitor whose attire falls short of this code to remedy their dress appropriately, or, in extreme cases, to leave the Clubhouse.


Members' Discount

A 10% discount is available on all food and beverage expenditure at anytime available to members who charge their expenditure to their monthly account, supported by a monthly Direct Debit.

Over 70% of members have a monthly Direct Debit set up to enable them to benefit from the discount. Why not join them? If you haven't already set up a Direct Debit this can be easily done by contacting the Finance Assistant,  
accounts@royalthames.com or tel: 020 7201 6264. Don't miss out on some significant savings on your Clubhouse expenditure.

Please note that the discount is only available for Food & Beverage expenditure in the Coffee Room, bars and with the Night Porter. Discounts are not available for functions, and neither may members' functions be put on account.