RTYC Cruising Calendar 2021 & 2022

The RTYC offers members a variety of cruising opportunities, both in UK waters and abroad. In the UK these include sailing events in the Solent and beyond, while overseas we offer events in the Mediterranean and further afield. Simply click on the event to learn more details and book online.
Autumn Excuse October 22nd - 24th  Yarmouth
Cruisers' Dinner November 17th 60 Knightsbridge
Spring Excuse April 23rd -24th Beaulieu River
Bay of Naples & Amalfi Coast Rally June 11th - June 25th Italy
Cumberland Regatta July 1st - 3rd  Cowes

Grand Tour of the West Country and Ireland

July 16th –  August 21st South Coast and Ireland
Vancouver Rally September 7th - 15th Canada
Dodecanese Rally September 10th - 24th Greece
Norfolk Broads Rally September 15th - 19th Norfolk
Autumn Excuse October 21st - 23rd Yarmouth
Cruisers' Dinner November 16th 60 Knightsbridge