The Model Collection: Brief Notes and Catalogue

The Club’s collection of yacht models is one of the most extensive in the country and the half-model collection housed in the Model Room, just off the Britannia Bar, one of the most comprehensive in the world. Around the Clubhouse are models of the yachts of the 18th century Cumberland Fleet, warships from the days of sail and steam yachts from the Edwardian era. But it is in the Model Room itself that the heart of the collection resides: arranged in chronological order clockwise round the room and to common scale, the collection traces the history of yacht design from the mid-19th century to the present day. Along with the models there are photograph albums depicting many of the yachts under sail.
A recently compiled catalogue of the collection is available in the Model Room to assist with identification and bound copies may be purchased for a nominal sum.
A PDF version of the catalogue may be viewed online by clicking here

Alternatively to view an interactive page turning version of the catalogue, please click here.