Names and Addresses

The Royal Thames Yacht Club was founded in 1775 as the Cumberland Sailing Society and has been based out of a number of locations prior to settling in its current home, 60 Knightsbridge.


1775 -1823 Cumberland Sailing Society
1823 H.M Coronation Sailing Society
1823-1830 Thames Yacht Club
1830 Royal Thames Yacht Club
2003 Royal Thames Yacht Club Limited


1775-1779 Smith's Tea Gardens, Vauxhall
1780-1839 Cumberland Gardens, Vauxhal (renamed)
1839-1845 British Coffee House, Cockspur Street
1845-1851 Piazza Hotel, Covent Garden
1851-1857 Bedford Hotel, Covent Garden
1857-1860 49, St James's Street, SW1
1860-1910 7 Albermarle Street, W1
1911-1923 80-81Piccadilly, W1
1923-1961 60 Knightsbridge, SW1
1961-1963 c/o Naval & Military Club94 Piccadilly, W1 (Whilst 60 Knightsbridge was under refurbishment)
1963- 60 Knightsbridge, SW1